Takayuki Iwasaki

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Atomic-sized fluorescent defects in diamond are widely recognized as a promising solid state platform for quantum cryptography and quantum information processing. For these applications, single photon sources with a high intensity and reproducible fabrication methods are required. In this study, we report a novel color center in diamond, composed of a(More)
We propose a new leakage mechanism that depends on the mechanical strain in high-k gate oxides, namely "high strain-induced leakage current". To explain this current, we analyzed the strain dependence of the leakage current of gate oxides by performing a first-principles calculation. The analysis showed that the leakage current drastically increases with(More)
The electric field inside semiconductor devices is a key physical parameter that determines the properties of the devices. However, techniques based on scanning probe microscopy are limited to sensing at the surface only. Here, we demonstrate the direct sensing of the internal electric field in diamond power devices using single nitrogen-vacancy (NV)(More)
A Ti:LiNbO(3) waveguide phase modulator is used as an external frequency stabilizer to reduce the linewidth of an AlGaAs semiconductor laser. A ring interferometer is used as a frequency discriminator, and a wideband servo controller (dc to 30 MHz) is constructed in which feed-forward control of the external phase modulator is combined with feedback control(More)
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