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Evaluating practical negotiating agents: Results and analysis of the 2011 international competition
An in-depth analysis and the key insights gained from the Second International Automated Negotiating Agents Competition (ANAC 2011) show that the most adaptive negotiation strategies, while robust across different opponents, are not necessarily the ones that win the competition. Expand
Multi-issue Negotiation Protocol for Agents: Exploring Nonlinear Utility Spaces
This paper proposes a negotiation protocol where agents employ adjusted sampling to generate proposals, and a bidding-based mechanism is used to find social-welfare maximizing deals that substantially outperforms existing methods in large non-linear utility spaces like those found in real world contexts. Expand
New Trends in Agent-Based Complex Automated Negotiations
This book aims to provide a description of the new trends in Agent-based, Complex Automated Negotiation, based on the papers from leading researchers, and gives an overview of the latest scientific efforts in this field, such as the platform and strategies of automated negotiating techniques. Expand
A multi-issue negotiation protocol among agents with nonlinear utility functions
The experimental results show that the proposed auction-based multiple-issue negotiation protocol among nonlinear utility agents can outperform the existing simple methods in particular in the huge utility space that can be often found in the real-world. Expand
Unit commitment strategy of thermal generators by using advanced fuzzy controlled binary particle swarm optimization algorithm
Abstract This paper presents a fuzzy controlled and multi-population based binary clustered particle swarm optimization (BCPSO) algorithm to solve short term thermal generation scheduling problem. InExpand
An Optimal Coalition Formation among Buyer Agents Based on a Genetic Algorithm
The experimental results show that the algorithm can optimally allocate buyers in an efficient time and can effectively avoid the growth of fatal genes. Expand
Complex Automated Negotiations: Theories, Models, and Software Competitions
This book includes rules, results, agents and domains descriptions for ANAC2011 submitted by organizers and finalists, and includes an extended version of ACAN 2011 papers after peer reviews by three PC members. Expand
Automated Negotiating Agents Competition (ANAC)
The annual International Automated Negotiating Agents Competition (ANAC) is used by the automated negotiation research community to benchmark and evaluate its work and to challenge itself. TheExpand
Persuasion among Agents : An Approach to Implementing a Group Decision Support System Based on Multi-Agent Negotiation
In this paper, we propose a persuasion mechanism for negotiation among agents for a group decision support system and implement a group choice design support system (GCDSS). GCDSS helps a groupExpand
BiddingBot: a multiagent support system for cooperative bidding in multiple auctions
BiddingBot is proposed which is a multi agent system that supports users in attending, monitoring, and bidding in multiple auctions, and uses a new cooperative bidding mechanism to effectively bid in auctions. Expand