Takayuki Igarashi

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Secretory leukoprotease inhibitor (SLPI) protects tissue against the destructive action of neutrophil elastase at the site of inflammation. Recent studies on new functions of SLPI have demonstrated that SLPI may play a larger role in innate immunity than merely as a protease inhibitor. To clarify the functions of SLPI in bacterial infections, we generated(More)
Proliferative response of T cells from aged persons was significantly reduced to a specific antigen tuberculin-active peptide (TAP) determined by [3H]TdR uptake and FCM in comparison to that from the young. Cytokinetic analysis for the proliferative response to TAP showed that, in the aged, the clonal size or the number of the first generation responding(More)
We report here the results of a dose evaluation based on information obtained in a 2011 questionnaire as compared with an investigation made in 2007. Briefly, in general radiography, the dose used in most examinations in 2011 was lower than in 2007. However, since the entrance surface dose for chest X-rays showed an increase, there is a need to standardize(More)
The abilities of highly purified B cells to repeat replication for clonal expansion and to differentiate into immunoglobulin secreting cells (ISC) were examined in the aged and young groups. B cells from the aged showed twofold less proliferative response to B cell mitogen Cowan 1 (SAC) than those from the young. The original clone size of SAC responding B(More)
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