Takayuki Hasebe

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Pancreatic cancer is often associated with an intense production of interstitial collagens, known as the desmoplastic reaction. To understand more about desmoplasia in pancreatic cancer, the expression of mRNA for type I and III collagens and potent desmoplastic inducing growth factors transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta), connective tissue growth(More)
Although data loss has become an important problem that needs to be solved in many types of organizations, possible routes of data loss have become complicated and numerous, making countermeasures difficult to develop. Fujitsu Laboratories is developing data loss prevention technologies that integrate know-how related to mobile devices, data searching(More)
There are many studies that show biological differences between invasive ductal carcinoma (IDC) with and without nodal metastasis, but no prognostic classification taking into consideration any biological differences between them is currently available. We previously investigated the histological characteristics that play an important role in tumour(More)
The oxygen isotope effect of the ferromagnetic transition in itinerant ferromagnet strontium ruthenate SrRuO3 with a Curie temperature Tc of 160 K is studied. We observed for the first time a shift of ∆Tc ~ 1 K by oxygen isotope substitution of (16)O → (18)O in SrRuO3 by precise measurements of DC and AC magnetizations. The results surprisingly lead to the(More)
BACKGROUND We previously reported that the primary tumour/vessel tumour/nodal tumour (PVN) classification is significantly superior to the UICC pTNM classification and the Nottingham Prognostic Index for accurately predicting the outcome of patients with invasive ductal carcinoma of the breast in a manner that is independent of the nodal status and the(More)
Pilocytic astrocytomas are classified as WHO grade I gliomas that occur predominantly in children and young adults. Reports of the tumors in elderly adults are extremely rare. We describe two cases of pilocytic astrocytoma in elderly adults, a 68-year-old man and a 71-year-old woman. Brain computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)(More)
Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) shows many pathological features, and it varies architecturally and cytologically. There have been many reports and discussions of the morphological features of HCC. A 63-year-old man was found to have a solitary tumor in liver segment 7 that was diagnosed as HCC. A partial resection of liver segment 7 was performed.(More)
We describe two educational autopsy cases of severe central nervous system (CNS) infection and septic emboli, such cases having been difficult to differentiate from acute infarctions via emergency MR imaging studies. We briefly discuss the pathology and MR findings along with radiopathological correlation.
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