Takayoshi Terashita

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BACKGROUND Since the shift from a radiographic film-based system to that of a filmless system, the change in radiographic examination costs and costs structure have been undetermined. The activity-based costing (ABC) method measures the cost and performance of activities, resources, and cost objects. The purpose of this study is to identify the cost(More)
The perspectives of cancer patients are important for designing a medically and economically effective follow-up program to help in the rapid recovery of patients. However, research focusing on the perspectives of Japanese gynecological cancer patients on follow-up programs is extremely scarce. In this study, we explored the perspectives and expectations of(More)
OBJECTIVE To improve lectures and training programs on X-ray photography, we aimed to determine the questions that radiography students have regarding X-ray photography. METHODS We collected text data from questions on X-ray photography in radiography student reports after an X-ray photography training program. The text data were analyzed using content(More)
BACKGROUND Post-treatment follow-up visits for gynecological cancer survivors should provide opportunities for management of adverse physical/psychological effects of therapy and early recurrence detection. However, the adequacy of such visits in Japan is poorly documented. We qualitatively explored care-seeking experiences of Japanese gynecological cancer(More)
This study aimed to reduce contrast medium dose without reducing the diagnostic capability of computed tomography (CT) angiography of the head. We evaluated the advanced statistical iterative reconstruction (ASiR) settings to adjust to low tube voltage CT. A syringe phantom was constructed using dilute contrast medium and was imaged at tube voltages of(More)
Systems for recording data on radiopharmaceuticals have changed following the Medical Care Law on concentration limits of radioisotopes in drainage, exhaust gas, and the atmosphere. A Web-based system that includes a patient information subsystem, DICOM imaging subsystem, and laboratory order subsystem has been developed for the receipt, use, stock(More)
BACKGROUND In general, it is difficult to objectively evaluate the results of an educational program. The semantic differential (SeD) technique, a methodology used to measure the connotative meaning of objects, words, and concepts, can, however, be applied to the evaluation of students' attitudes. In this study, we aimed to achieve an objective evaluation(More)
The purpose of this study was to develop an automated acquisition support for the semantics of abbreviations and evaluate its performance with respect to academic articles. Our goal was to support the maintenance of an institution-specific semantics inventory for abbreviations on a continuous basis. We retrieved articles from MEDLINE with the keyword "Liver(More)
Students with a positive impression of their studies can become more motivated. This study measured the learning impact of clinical training by comparing student impressions before and after clinical training. The study included 32 students of radiological technology in their final year with the Division of Radiological Science and Technology, Department of(More)