Takayoshi Arai

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Systematic and quantitative measurements of the roles of stereochemistry and skeleton-dependent conformational restriction were made using multidimensional screening. We first used diversity-oriented synthesis to synthesize the same number (122) of [10.4.0] bicyclic products (B) and their corresponding monocyclic precursors (M). We measured the ability of(More)
The novel C(2)-symmetric bis(imidazolidine)pyridine (PyBidine) ligand was easily synthesized in a single condensation of 2,6-pyridyl aldehyde and optically active (S,S)-diphenylethylenediamine. In the C(2)-symmetric PyBidine-Cu(OTf)(2) complex, imidazolidine rings act as "chiral fences" to shield the first and third quadrants. Use of the PyBidine-Cu(OTf)(2)(More)
Various alpha,beta-unsaturated ketones were stereoselectively synthesized in high yields up to 94% by a condensation reaction between alkenyl trichloroacetates and aldehydes using dibutyltin dimethoxide as a catalyst in the presence of methanol. This process is superior to the classical Claisen-Schmidt condensation with respect to mildness of the base(More)
A catalytic asymmetric Henry reaction has been developed with use of a sulfonyldiamine-CuCl complex as a catalyst. A series of new binaphthyl-containing sulfonyldiamine ligands (2a-h) were readily synthesized in two steps starting from commercially available chiral 1,2-diamines. The (R,R)-diamine-(R)-binaphthyl ligand (2d)-CuCl complex smoothly catalyzed(More)
A bis(imidazolidine)pyridine (PyBidine)-Cu(OTf)2 complex catalyzing the endo-selective [3+2] cycloaddition of nitroalkenes with imino esters was applied to the reaction of methyleneindolinones with imino esters to afford spiro[pyrrolidin-3,3'-oxindole]s in up to 98 % ee. X-ray crystallographic analysis of the PyBidine-Cu(OTf)2 complex and DFT calculations(More)
A four-step synthetic route to fully substituted chiral tetrahydro-β-carbolines (THBCs) is described. Starting from the (R,S,S)-Friedel-Crafts/Henry adduct obtained from three-component coupling of an indole, nitroalkene, and aldehyde catalyzed by imidazoline-aminophenol-CuOTf, the (1S,3S,4R)-THBCs were readily synthesized in a three-step operation(More)
The chiral diamine ligand 3 was designed and synthesized from (R,R)-1,2-diphenylethylenediamine, (S)-2,2'-dibromomethyl-1,1'-binaphthalene, and o-xylylene dibromide. The resulting 3-Cu(OAc)2 complex was a highly efficient catalyst for the Henry reaction, giving the various nitroaldols with over 90% ee (up to >99%). The reaction was performed in n-propyl(More)