Takayoshi Anan

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We have developed InGaAs-based VCSELs operating around 1.1 μm for high-speed optical interconnections. By applying GaAsP barrier layers, temperature characteristics were considerably improved compared to GaAs barrier layers. As a result, 25 Gbps 100◦C error-free operation was achieved. These devices also exhibited high reliability. No degradation was(More)
The distribution of cardiac muscle cell disorganization in different regions of the left ventricular wall was studied quantitatively in 52 patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Cellular disorganization in the ventricular septum was both common and extensive (mean area of septal tissue section disorganized, 35 i 4%). Disorganization was also substantial(More)
Disseminated infection is a serious complication in approximately 2 percent of primary gonococcal infections. Meningeal infection is very rare; only 23 cases have been reported since 1922. We report a sexually active teenager with an acute febrile illness. From her cerebrospinal fluid cultures, Neisseria gonorrhoeae was identified. She recovered completely(More)
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