Takayasu Norimatsu

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An ultra-small, high-data-rate, low-power 1-cc computer (OCCC) with an UWB-IR (ultra-wideband impulse-radio) transceiver was developed for a wireless sensor network. Thanks to bear-chip implementation and a flexible printed circuit board, the size of the computer is only 1 cm<sup>3</sup>. To achieve 10-Mbps data rate, a middle-class 32-bit microcontroller,(More)
Wide tuning-range frequency dividers based on an LC resonator are proposed for high-speed transceivers. The proposed circuit is fabricated using a two-metal and 0.5μm-gate CMOS process and realizes the minimum and the maximum frequencies of 7.74 GHz and 8.16 GHz, respectively, with the power consumption of 2.2 mW at the supply voltage of 0.9 V. To enlarge a(More)
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