Takayasu Matsuoka

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Ionic mechanisms were examined with reference to modification of swimming velocity and cell elongation in Triton-extracted cell models of Blepharisma. The extracted cells swam forward at Ca(2+) concentrations below 10(-6) M. The forward swimming velocity of the cell models increased with a decreased Ca(2+) concentration in the surrounding medium. At Ca(2+)(More)
The single-breath method was originally proposed by Kim et al. [1] for estimating the blood carbon dioxide tension and cardiac output. Its reliability has not been proven. The present study was undertaken, using dogs, to compare the mixed venous carbon dioxide tension (PVCO2) calculated by the single-breath method with the PVCO2 measured in mixed venous(More)
The ontogenic development of lymphoid and non-lymphoid cells in bronchus-associated lymphoid tissue (BALT) of the rat was studied ultrastructurally and immunohistochemically. In the late foetal period, only the alveolar macrophages showed a weak positivity for leucocyte common antigen, but no immune region associated (Ia) antigen was detected by monoclonal(More)
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