Takatsugu Furukawa

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ABSTRUCT A new methodology to measure local mechatronic property of biological gel has been proposed, and measurement system has been designed with a micro-vibrating electrode. The designed system consists of two electrodes, where one of the electrodes vibrates with piezoelectric actuator. The component of variation at impedance between two electrodes with(More)
This paper presents a new correlative bioimaging technique using Y2O3:Tm, Yb and Y2O3:Er, Yb nanophosphors (NPs) as imaging probes that emit luminescence excited by both near-infrared (NIR) light and an electron beam. Under 980 nm NIR light irradiation, the Y2O3:Tm, Yb and Y2O3:Er, Yb NPs emitted NIR luminescence (NIRL) around 810 nm and 1530 nm,(More)
To decide the application of tricalcium phosphate (TCP)to periodontal therapy, following fundamental studies on TCP were performed. Materials used were six kinds of TCPs of which firing temperature were 900 • Ž(LT)and 1,100 • Ž (HT), and diameter were less than 100,um(size S), 200 • `300,ƒÊm(size M)and 500 • `1,000,um(size L). To investigate the surface(More)
ABSTRUCT The effect of alternating magnetic field at extremely low frequency on secretion of insulin from beta cells has been investigated in vitro. Beta cells from a hamster were exposed to the uniform magnetic field with the Helmholtz coil. After three days cultivation, insulin concentration in the medium was measured. The experimental results show that(More)
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