Takatoshi Yanagisawa

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This investigation observed large-scale flows in liquid gallium and the oscillation with Rayleigh-Bénard convection. An ultrasonic velocity profiling method was used to visualize the spatiotemporal flow pattern of the liquid gallium in a horizontally long rectangular vessel. Measuring the horizontal component of the flow velocity at several lines, an(More)
Thermal convection experiments in a liquid gallium layer were carried out with various intensities of uniform horizontal magnetic fields. The gallium layer was in a rectangular vessel with a 4:1:1 length ratio (1 is the height), where the magnetic field is applied in the direction normal to the longest vertical wall. An ultrasonic velocity profiling method(More)
We performed laboratory experiments of Rayleigh-Bénard convection with liquid gallium under various intensities of a uniform imposed horizontal magnetic field. An ultrasonic velocity profiling method was used to visualize the spatiotemporal structure of the flows with simultaneous monitoring of the temperature fluctuations in the liquid gallium layer. The(More)
We report a finding of spontaneous flow reversals of roll-like patterns in liquid gallium Rayleigh-Bénard convection. The vessel has a square geometry with an aspect ratio of 5, and a horizontal magnetic field is applied to align the rolls. The flow patterns were visualized by ultrasonic velocity measurements, and the processes of the reversal were clearly(More)
The internal structure and the evolution of the mantle have been inferred by the geophysical and the geological observations. The seismic tomography reveals the large scale flow of the mantle convection, and it also illustrates some ancient slabs are stagnant in mantle transition zone. Our 2-D models made clear the conditions for realizing "stagnant slab".(More)
Magnetohydrodynamic Rayleigh-Bénard convection was studied experimentally using a liquid metal inside a box with a square horizontal cross section and aspect ratio of five. Systematic flow measurements were performed by means of ultrasonic velocity profiling that can capture time variations of instantaneous velocity profiles. Applying a horizontal magnetic(More)
The dilatation and the pattern formation of convection cells in natural convection driven by internal heat generation, first investigated during the 1970s, are reexamined in this paper using an improved experimental apparatus in order to reduce uncertainties as much as possible. The convective motion in the fluid layer was visualized using reflecting(More)
The aim of this project is to make up a comprehensive model of the dynamics and evolution of the Earth's mantle, and to simulate phenomena related with subduction. (1) With the global modeling in Earth-like spherical shell geometry, we made systematic research on the convection patterns for the wide range of Rayleigh numbers with phase transitions. The(More)
Electrical resistivity, specific heat, and magnetization measurements to temperatures as low as 80 mK and magnetic fields up to 16 T were made on the filled skutterudite compound PrOs4As12. The measurements reveal the presence of two ordered phases at temperatures below approximately 2.3 K and in fields below approximately 3 T. Neutron-scattering(More)