Takatoshi Tsuji

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Telemetry is a useful technique for elucidating salmon behavior, but the recovery periods before fish can be safely released after the attachment of telemetry devices have not yet been established. Reported recovery times vary widely, from 2 h to 13 days. We examined how anesthesia and surgery to attach external electromyogram (EMG) transmitters affected(More)
  • T Tsuji
  • 1987
Superior mesenteric artery (SMA) syndrome is a major complication after scoliosis surgery. The author reports an ultrasonic observation of the SMA in normal and scoliotic individuals. There are three patterns of the SMA anatomy: Type I in which the SMA runs very close and parallel to the aorta, Type II in which the SMA branches off the aorta at a certain(More)
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