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Lightning Protection of Wind Turbine blades
Abstract The causes of lightning damages of wind turbine blades were clarified through lightning observation and experiments using a high-voltage impulse generator. Upward leaders and large energy ofExpand
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Characteristics of Negative Upward Stepped Leaders in Positive Upward Lightning
The step propagation of negative upward leaders in positive upward lightning has been analyzed using lightning current waveforms and optical images. We observed upward lightning in the coastal areaExpand
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Location of Negative Charge Associated with Continuing Current of Upward Lightning Flash in Winter
Negative upward lightning flashes from a high structure in winter were observed by a current shunt and a network of VHF receivers, slow antennas and fast antennas on the coast of the Sea of Japan.Expand
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Development of long gap discharges guided by a pulsed CO2 laser
The mechanism of the guidance effect of laser plasmas on electrical discharges has been studied. A 45 J CO2 laser pulse produces many spherical plasmas over a gap of up to 2 m, and the laser-guidedExpand
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Investigation on lightning attachment manner by use of an experimental distribution line and a tree
The authors have examined over a period the basic characteristics of discharge when an open wire fitted as an overhead ground wire is located near a tree, to clarify the attachment manner in whichExpand
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Basic Study of Discharge Characteristics to an Open Wire and a Tree under Lightning Impulse Voltage
There are many cases where trees grow around power system equipments uch as transmission lines and distribution lines in Japan. For developing better lightning protection measures, it is essentiallyExpand
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Studies of lightning protection design for wind power generation systems in Japan
SUMMARY Recently, wind power generation systems have drastically increased in Japan. As the increase of the wind power generation systems, outages of these systems by lightning have also increasedExpand
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