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Efficient Elliptic Curve Exponentiation Using Mixed Coordinates
We propose a new coordinate system and a new mixed coordinates strategy, which significantly improves on the number of basic operations needed for elliptic curve exponentiation. Expand
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Efficient elliptic curve exponentiation
This paper studies efficient elliptic curve exponentiation, which aims at elliptic curves over IFp but can be applied to any elliptic Curve. Expand
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Body Motion Analysis for Similarity Retrieval of Motion Data and Its Evaluation
We propose the method of analyzing motion data in advance, and express the construction of movement with indexed labels for reducing similar-motion retrieval. Expand
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Equation-of-state measurements for polystyrene at multi-TPa pressures in laser direct-drive experiments
Equation-of-state (EOS) measurements for polystyrene in TPa (10Mbar) pressure regions are presented. Polystyrene Hugoniot data were obtained up to 2.7TPa using impedance matching techniques withExpand
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Hugoniot measurement of diamond under laser shock compression up to 2 TPa
Hugoniot data of diamond was obtained using laser-driven shock waves in the terapascal range of 0.5–2TPa. Strong shock waves were generated by direct irradiation of a 2.5ns laser pulse on an AlExpand
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Non-destructive elemental analysis of vertebral body trabecular bone using muonic X-rays.
Non-destructive elemental analysis with muonic X-rays was performed on human vertebral bone and lumbar torso phantoms. It can provide quantitative information on all elements in small deep-seatedExpand
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Single Molecular Membrane Glue Technique for Laser Driven Shock Experiments : Instrumentation, Measurement, and Fabricagion Technology
The present report describes the adhesion of metal foils without a conventional glue to provide a precise thickness (~ 20 µm) of an adhered step target for ultrahigh pressure, laser shockExpand
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GEKKO/HIPER-driven shock waves and equation-of-state measurements at ultrahigh pressures
The GEKKO/HIPER-laser [N. Miyanaga et al., in Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Fusion Energy (IAEA, Sorrento, Italy, 2001), IAEA-CN-77] driven shock experiments were characterizedExpand
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Long-term test of the equipment for /spl plusmn/500 kV DC converter station
The paper describes the long-term test of prototypes of thyristor valves, DC GIS (gas insulated switchgear), converter transformers, smoothing reactors and a DC filter. These were developed for aExpand
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Experimental technique for launching miniature flying plates using laser pulses
A new laser-driven flyer system is developed for use with the GEKKO/HIPER high-power glass laser system. The system employs an 8-μm three-layered flyer target and a new optical system for flyerExpand
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