Takato Mizunuma

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We studied the immobilization of a mycelium (Aspergillus niger) using the working hypothesis as follows: (a) when polycation was added to the cell suspension, a few parts of it would bind on the surface of a hypha, allowing to gather the hyphae in part but not all; (b) upon further addition of polyanion, such a gathering of the hyphae is tightly bunched by(More)
We have reported in the previous paper (Colloids Surf. B (2006) in press) a marked increase in the rate of gluconic acid production at a very high cell concentration (40 g/l) of filamentous fungus (Aspergillus niger IFO 31012) which was immobilized with polyelectrolyte complex consisting of potassium poly(vinyl alcohol) sulfate and trimethylammonium glycol(More)
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