Takaski Toyonaga

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This study examines the possibility of using hydroxyapatite (HAp) particles as a controlled release carrier of protein. In order to achieve effective protein release from HAp particles, it is necessary to regulate the conjugated amount of protein on HAp and the resorption of HAp. HAp particles were synthesized at different temperatures (40 degrees C, 60(More)
Investigations conducted in 20 joints of 17 dogs suggest that a Teflon-net substitute meniscus preserves knee joint functions more effectively than a regenerated or absent meniscus. Teflon-net is an ideal material for meniscal replacement because it is easily obtainable, has flexibility and histo-compatibility, and is rapidly infiltrated with cells. A(More)
In this study, an electret based energy harvester with a single silicon structure that shares harvesting counter electrodes and charging grid is demonstrated. The shared electrode provide the batch fabrication process that can avoid the charge leakage from the charged electret. The mass structure supported by the thin Si spring has resonant frequency of 40(More)
For grasping hip joint function objectively and planning an adequate program for individual use in rehabilitation during and after the treatment for hip joint impairments, the octagonal diagram of the correct distribution of the hip joint muscle strength will be useful. The muscle strength was measured in the eight directions using the Cybex-II on the(More)
Endoscopic submucosal dissection is a therapeutic procedure for the removal of early stage gastrointestinal cancer. In 2006, we performed a colonic ESD in Serbia. ESD had never been performed until then in Serbia, nor do we have a written report, so this article is a document of the first performed procedure of this kind. On the 21st of October 2006, the(More)
Malalignments of the patellofemoral joints were artificially made in eleven rabbits using four different methods in order to generate chondromalacia of the patella. Chondromalacic changes and the location similar to the chondromalacia of the human body were generated in one joint of the patching group. According to the results of our investigation, the most(More)
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