Takashima Nakashima

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In ad hoc mobile networks (MANET), the mobility of the modes is a complicated factor that significantly affects the effectiveness and performance of ad hoc routing protocols. Mobility and traffic patterns for each node such as intermediate and end nodes are restrained to extract features of each routing protocol. In this paper, we focus on the performance(More)
The research for self-similar traffic is classified into four categories; measurement-based traffic modeling, physical modeling, queueing analysis and traffic control. These works for queueing analysis are important in the establishment of basic performance boundaries by investigating queueing behavior with long-range dependent input. The purpose of this(More)
Image understanding applications often involve a pattern classification stage. In this paper we show how a fuzzy rule-based classifier, extended to incorporate a cost function, can be successfully used in various imaging applications. The antecedent part of fuzzy if-then rules are specified by partitioning each attributes into fuzzy sets while the(More)
To defend DoS (denial of service) attacks, the access filtering mechanism is adopted on the end servers or the IDS (intrusion detection system). The difficulty to define the filtering rules lies where normal and anomaly packets have to be distinguished in incoming packets. The purpose of our research is to explore the early detective method for anomaly(More)
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