Takashige Yamada

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A new non-invasive continuous cardiac output (esCCO) monitoring system solely utilizing a routine cardiovascular monitor was developed, even though a reference cardiac output (CO) is consistently required. Subsequently, a non-invasive patient information CO calibration together with a new automated exclusion algorithm was implemented in the esCCO system. We(More)
BACKGROUND Since hyperglycemia-induced cellular dysfunction could be associated with alterations of the immune system, we tested the hypothesis that hyperglycemia augments the aberrant immune responses such as inflammation and differentiation of CD4(+) T lymphocytes in the mesenteric lymph nodes (MLNs), and induces alterations of microbiota both under(More)
The changes in EMG evoked by train-of-four (TOF) stimulation of ulnar nerve were recorded to determine proper single bolus dose of vecuronium for endotracheal intubation in surgical patients. Onset and duration of neuromuscular block were judged by percent depression of EMG. Mean time intervals for 90% depression in TOF seen in 0.10 mg.kg-1 vecuronium group(More)
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