Takashi Yuguchi

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In clinically hyperthermia and irradiation therapy for malignant neoplasms are known that they have antiproliferative activity and cell death (including apoptosis) inducing activity. However not only mechanisms of cell death induction but treatment effects of them still have been unclear. In this time we showed that cell cycles from G0/G1 phase to SG2/M(More)
Petrographical studies examining the development and variations of sub-solidus reactions recorded in the Toki granite represent the three-dimensional cooling pattern of this zoned pluton in Central Japan. Samples collected from 19 boreholes in the Toki granite show characteristics indicative of spatial variations in the extent of the sub-solidus reactions.(More)
This paper presents the temperature and pressure dependence of the minimum binary diffusivity in granitic melts. The minimum diffusivities are determined by monitoring the temporal development of the diffusion-controlled melt layer(DCM) in granitic systems (albite (Ab)-quartz (Qtz)-H2O and orthoclase (Or)-Qtz-H2O) gathered during 31 melting experiments(More)
In order to maintain the adequate tumor margin in partial hepatectomy, we developed a new guide technique using a fine transhepatic tube. For instance, in a case of anterior segment tumor, a fine needle following a tube was inserted into the liver beside the anterior portal pedicle at hepatic hilus, and was put forward to the confluence of right and middle(More)
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