Takashi Yozawa

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Here, we describe two novel multigene families (MGF) present in the terminal variable regions of the African swine fever virus (ASFV) genome. MGF530 includes at least six related ORFs (averaging 530 amino acids) containing four well-conserved domains and amino acid identities ranging from 24 to 55%. MGF300 is composed of three ORFs (averaging 300 amino(More)
African swine fever vims (ASFV), the causative agent of African swine fever in domestic pigs, is a large icosahedral virus with a double-stranded DNA genome of 170—190 kb that shares many characteristics with poxviruses. Although ASFV and poxviruses are distinct morphologically, they both replicate in the cell cytoplasm, exhibit temporal regulation of gene(More)
We experienced six rare cases of solid renal tumor, which include two benign (CMN, MLCN) and four malignant tumors (CCSK 2, MRTK2). CMN is the most common benign solid tumor in the neonate. MLCN has typical US or CT findings manifested by multilocular cysts and thick wall septa. CCSK and MRTK are rare malignant neoplasms, which present characteristic(More)
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