Takashi Yoshihara

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DBC2 is a tumor suppressor gene linked to breast and lung cancers. Although DBC2 belongs to the RHO GTPase family, it has a unique structure that contains a Broad-Complex/Tramtrack/Bric a Brac (BTB) domain at the C terminus instead of a typical CAAX motif. A limited number of functional studies on DBC2 have indicated its participation in diverse cellular(More)
The expression of tumor suppressor gene DBC2 causes certain breast cancer cells to stop growing [M. Hamaguchi, J.L. Meth, C. Von Klitzing, W. Wei, D. Esposito, L. Rodgers, T. Walsh, P. Welcsh, M.C. King, M.H. Wigler, DBC2, a candidate for a tumor suppressor gene involved in breast cancer, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 99 (2002) 13647-13652]. Recently, DBC2 was(More)
Tumor suppressor gene DBC2 stops growth of tumor cells through regulation of CCND1. Interference of CCND1 down-regulation prevented growth arrest caused by DBC2 [T. Yoshihara, D. Collado, M. Hamaguchi, Cyclin D1 down-regulation is essential for DBC2's tumor suppressor function, Biochemical and biophysical research communications 358 (2007) 1076-1079]. It(More)
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