Takashi Yanase

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To clarify the thermally comfortable environment for satisfied sleep, we investigated the relationship between skin temperatures and sleep stages during night-sleep in winter, summer and autumn. Four healthy young females served as the subjects. The experiments were performed in a climate chamber under three conditions: at 13 degrees C-RH70% with futon and(More)
The water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) of a gas barrier coating is a critically important parameter for flexible organic device packaging, but its accurate measurement without mechanical stress to ultrathin films has been a significant challenge in instrumental analysis. At the current stage, no reliable results have been reported in the range of 10(-6) g(More)
We analyzed the electronic structures of carbon-doped hexagonal boron nitride, focusing on the comparison with the corresponding π-conjugate hydrocarbon molecules and odd-number substitution by first principle calculation. The band gaps are about the half that of the HOMO-LUMO gaps of corresponding hydrocarbons, except for the cis-butadiene structure in(More)
We report detailed experiments on chemical vapor deposition of an atomic' layer semiconductor MoS2. We developed a new type of CVD system in which MoO3 and S sources are separately supplied to the substrates. It has become possible to precisely control the supply of the materials separately in the order of seconds. Raman and XPS analysis of the films grown(More)
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