Takashi Yamaji

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The final goal of this study is to establish a technology to realize 3-dimensional (3D) microstructures with free shaped walls by synchrotron radiation deep X-ray lithography. In this paper, we present two important advances toward this goal. A reverse approach using the Fourier transform technique to define the optimum X-ray mask movement pattern is(More)
Two methods, "Forward Approach" and "Inverse Approach", to fabricate complicated 3-dimensional microstructures by deep X-ray lithography have been developed. In the "Forward Approach", exposure energy distribution on a PMMA substrate was calculated using X-ray mask pattern and mask moving trajectories. Two different micro-nozzle patterns were fabricated to(More)
Diesel particulate filter (DPF) is widely used to trap fine soot particles emitted from diesel engines. It can collect particles as small as submicron but it is necessary to oxidize accumulated particles by heating the filter. Temperatures of 600 degree C or higher is required to oxidize the soot but it is difficult to maintain stable reaction because this(More)
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