Takashi Tsutsumi

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Theobroxide is an epoxy cyclohexene compound isolated from the culture filtrate of the fungus Lasiodiplodia theobromae that induces potato microtuber formation in vitro (Nakamori and others 1994). When sprayed on potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) and morning glory (Pharbitis nil) plants, which require short days to induce tubers and flower buds, respectively,(More)
4H-SiC carbon face flip-type n-channel implantation and epitaxial (IE)-IGBT with an epitaxial p<sup>++</sup> substrate was developed and its switching test was carried out. We were able to achieve an ultrahigh blocking voltage greater than 16 kV, extremely low V<sub>on</sub> (6.35 V at 20 A), and good temperature stability. The switching operation was(More)
Chiral discrimination of saturated hydrocarbons has been very difficult to establish, or has not been possible at all. The first chiral discrimination of cryptochiral 5-ethyl-5-propylundecane 1, that is, (n-butyl)ethyl(n-hexyl)(n-propyl)methane, a chiral saturated quaternary hydrocarbon, which is known to exhibit practically no detectable value of optical(More)
Flip-type n-channel implantation and epitaxial (IE)-IGBT on 4H-SiC carbon face with an epitaxial p<sup>++</sup> collector layer was investigated. In this study, we employed the IEMOSFET as a MOSFET structure with original wet gate oxidation method, to realize high channel mobility. We were able to achieve an ultrahigh blocking voltage of more than 16 kV,(More)
, Japan. E-mail : tsutsumi Received December , . Accepted February , . * @avis. ne. jp This paper discusses the procurement and utilization of obsidian by the microblade industries of the terminal Late Palaeolithic in the Chubu and Kanto districts of central Japan at the end of the last glaciation, cal BP. The core of the discussion is based on the source(More)
Many apparently achiral organic molecules on Earth may be chiral because of random substitution of the 1.11% naturally abundant 13C for 12C in an enantiotopic moiety within the structure. However, chirality from this source is experimentally difficult to discern because of the very small difference between 13C and 12C. We have demonstrated that this small(More)
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