Takashi Totsuka

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Scratches on old films must be removed since these are more noticeable on higher definition and digital televisions. Wires that suspend actors or cars must be carefully erased during post production of special effects shots. Both of these are time consuming tasks but can be addressed by the following image restoration process: given the locations of noisy(More)
The Fourier projection-slice theorem allows projections of volume data to be generated in O(n 2 logn) t i m e f o r a v ol-ume of size n 3. The method operates by extracting and inverse Fourier transforming 2D slices from a 3D frequency domain representation of the volume. Unfortunately, these projections do not exhibit the occlusion that is characteristic(More)
Neurotrophins play a crucial role in the regulation of survival and the maintenance of specific functions for various populations of neurons. Neurotrophin-4 (NT-4) is most abundant in skeletal muscle, and is thought to promote sciatic nerve sprouting, inhibit agrin-induced acetylcholine receptor (AChR) clustering, evoke postsynaptic potentiation and induce(More)
Hierarchical N-body methods, which are based on a fundamental insight into the nature of many physical processes, are increasingly being used to solve large-scale problems in a variety of scientific/engineering domains. Applications that use these methods are challenging to parallelize effectively, however, owing to their nonuniform, dynamically changing(More)
Mouse neuroblastoma Neuro 2a cells are known to extend neurite-like processes in response to gangliosides added to the culture medium. We compared the structural features of proteoglycans (PG) synthesized by conventional Neuro 2a cells with those of neurite-bearing cells. Two different proteoglycans labeled with [35S]sulfate, namely, chondroitin sulfate(More)
Two species of the cDNAs encoding murine IL-6-R (one is abnormal and the other authentic) have been cloned from a plasmacytoma cell line, P3U1, and BALB/c mouse spleen cDNA libraries. In the cDNA encoding the abnormal IL-6-R, the region corresponding to an intracytoplasmic domain was replaced with a part of the long terminal repeat of the intracisternal A(More)
A useful bioassay for nerve growth factor (NGF) has been developed, based on the rapid outgrowth of neurites (within 24 h) from cells of a new subclone of PC12 cells (PC12D) in response to NGF. The sensitivity is similar to that of other bioassay systems that the the sensory ganglia of chick embryos of primed PC12 cells. The assay is readily adaptable for(More)