Takashi Tomono

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In this paper, vibration control method for aircraft vertical tail with piezoelectric actuator is proposed. For describing the vibration response of aircraft vertical tail, a dynamic model of the tail is constructed. With considering the effect of hysteresis from the piezoelectric actuator, operator based controllers are designed to control the vibration of(More)
Continuous catching and releasing experiment of several fishes make the fishes find some escaping strategies. To make fish-catching robot intelligent more than fish's adapting and escaping abilities, we have proposed a chaos-generator comprising Neural-Network-Differential-Equation(NNDE) and an evolving mechanism to have the NNDE generate chaotic(More)
  • T. Hirose, T. Tomono, K. Matsuo, K. Yamamoto
  • 2004
An operation has been devised to produce a one stage correction of cases with stenosis of the larynx and trachea. The scar tissue of the stenotic area is resected. To reconstruct the inner lining of the lumen, a cervical pedicle flap is inserted. To insure a stable structural framework, costal cartilage is usually used. A stent is inserted into the lumen by(More)
  • H. Takayama, T. Tomono, +8 authors K. Takei
  • 2007
Up to the psesent, there have been no definitive ways of the examination concerning pancreatic function. We have studied method of fundamental and clinical Pancreoscopy. It is 45 cm long, 14 mm diameter and hard tube. The main structure is based on laparoscopy. The Pancreoscopy will be inserted to intraperitoneal space at the point 5 cm left from the navel(More)
  • H. Takayama, T. Tomono, +11 authors K. Takei
  • 2007
only in P-S test abnormal group. From the above mentioned results, the following findings were important for the interpretation of the pancreatography. 1) Stenosis and interruption. 2) Localized extension of the duct (caliber variation) 3) Irregularity of the wall. It is most necessary for the interpretation of the pancreatography to opacificate not only(More)
  • S. Matsukura, A. Shirota, +15 authors G. Fujishima
  • 2007
Follow up resu l t s of 45 pat ients in th i s series have been presented. All 5 pa t ien ts wi th heredi tary spherocytosis and acquired hemolytic anemia were cured and gained in good heal th . Two cases wi th idiopathic thrombocytpenic purpura obtained only remission. Results of splenectomy in 4 cases of congestive splenomegaly due to cirrhosis oi the l(More)
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