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We proposed "Virtual Office Environment (VOE)", which is a virtual space in which semantics is shared by Ontology. It allows the retrieval and action with users’ intentions. Each user can do two things in virtual space. (1) Each user can perform retrieval and action with shared semantics (e.g. put all papers onto an empty bookshelf). (2) Each user can(More)
This paper presents a new approach of modeling Video Scenes by adding meaning t o the shape of real world objects and simplifying it. I n order to store shapes and/or motions of objects that appear in real world scenes into the database, expressing the shape and its meaning and handling them ef-j?ciently are indispensable. For that purpose, we introduce a(More)
We have built a database to estimate electric vehicle (EV) energy consumption from driving logs. This study, examines a data analysis framework that aggregates numerous operation logs that are grouped by predefined road sections which expert drivers consider to have meaning. It visualizes correlation of energy consumption, transit time, and specific factors(More)
Electric vehicles (EVs) are expected to be applicable to smart grids because they have large-capacity batteries. It is important that smart grid users be able to estimate surplus battery energy and/or surplus capacity in advance of deploying EVs. We constructed a database, the Energy COnsumption LOG (ECOLOG) Database System, to store vehicle daily logs(More)