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This paper proposes and demonstrates a polarization-analyzing CMOS sensor based on image sensor architecture. The sensor was designed targeting applications for chiral analysis in a microchemistry system. The sensor features a monolithically embedded polarizer. Embedded polarizers with different angles were implemented to realize a real-time absolute(More)
1. Introduction In this work, a polarization-analyzing CMOS sensor based on image sensor architecture was proposed and demonstrated. The sensor has a feature of monolithically embedded polarizer. We designed a prototype sensor equipped with a polarization-analyzing pixel array based on the concept. Embedded polarizers with different angle were implemented(More)
This paper describes the technological developments underlying the realization of a reliable and reproducible microchip-based stimulator with a large number of stimulus electrodes. A microchip-based stimulator with over 500 electrodes for suprachoroidal transretinal stimulation (STS) is proposed in this paper, and an example is presented. To enhance(More)
This paper proposes and demonstrates novel types of vision chips that utilize pulse trains for image processing. Two types of chips were designed using 1.2 µm double-metal double-poly CMOS process; one is based on a pulse width modulation (PWM) and the other is based on a pulse frequency modulation (PFM). In both chips the interaction between the pixels(More)
The development of a multielectrode array is the key issue for retinal prostheses. We developed a 10 x 10 platinum electrode array that consists of an 8-microm polyimide layer sandwiched between 5-microm polymonochloro-para-xylylene (parylene-C) layers. Each electrode was formed as a 30-microm-high bump by Pt/Au double-layer electroplating. We estimated the(More)
Substrate specificity and some other enzymatic properties of partial purified endo-beta-N-acetylglucosaminidases (endo-beta-GlcNAc-ase) from developing soybean seeds (Glycine max, Endo-GM) and developing tomato fruits (Lycopersicum esculentum, Endo-LE) were studied. The substrate specificity of these two endoglycosidases was explored and compared with(More)
To elucidate insecticidal activity of spider toxins, metal ions in venoms and in the bodies were determined by thin layer chromatography, spark source mass spectrometry, ion chromatography, inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometry and atomic absorption spectrometry. Two kinds of spiders were used, Nephila clavata and Nephila maculata. Metals from(More)
We have performed in vivo electric stimulation experiments on rabbit retina to demonstrate feasibility of CMOS LSI-based multi-chip flexible neural stimulator for retinal prosthesis. We have developed new packaging structure with an improved flexibility and device control system which totally controls the LSI-based multi-chip stimulator, counter electrode,(More)