Takashi Tokizaki

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Cooking, as an every day task, is one of time consuming but essential task in home. However, designing of cooking is not very easy. Cooks design their cooking based on their empirical knowledge and such knowledge is difficult to learn without long time experience and/or hard practice under senior cooks. That is why we propose "Culinary Art Designer"--- a(More)
Haptic perception is essential for dexterous object manipulation in both real and virtual world. Recently, haptic interaction is being researched for manipulation in virtual environment. Conventional haptic rendering employs penalty method which calculates feedback forces using only spring-damper model [Ruspini et al. 1997]. High frequency (1 kHz-)(More)
Interactive applications such as Video Games require characters, which generate motions corresponding to user's interaction. Motion capture is an effective technique to reproduce realistic motion. However, to produce a motion which is appropriate to the operation of the user, a lot of motions must be prepared and one of the motions which is suitable for the(More)
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