Takashi Tayama

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We report low-temperature calorimetric, magnetic, and resistivity measurements on the antiferromagnetic (AF) heavy-fermion metal YbRh(2)Si(2) ( T(N)=70 mK) as a function of magnetic field B. While for fields exceeding the critical value B(c0) at which T(N)-->0 the low-temperature resistivity shows an AT2 dependence, a 1/(B-B(c0)) divergence of A(B) upon(More)
Spin liquids are magnetically frustrated systems, in which spins are prevented from ordering or freezing, owing to quantum or thermal fluctuations among degenerate states induced by the frustration. Chiral spin liquids are a hypothetical class of spin liquids in which the time-reversal symmetry is macroscopically broken in the absence of an applied magnetic(More)
Condensed systems of strongly interacting electrons are ideal for the study of quantum complexity. It has become possible to promote the formation of new quantum phases by explicitly tuning systems toward special low-temperature quantum critical points. So far, the clearest examples have been appearances of superconductivity near pressure-tuned(More)
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