Takashi Takeuchi

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SUMMARY We propose a transfer gate phase coupler for a low-power multi-phase oscillator (MPOSC). The phase coupler is an nMOS transfer gate, which does not waste charge to the ground and thus achieves low power. The proposed MPOSC can set the number of outputs to an arbitrary number. The test circuit in a 180-nm process and a 65-nm process exhibits 20(More)
— We introduce manufacturing variation into a power model for a wireless sensor network node. Network protocols for the wireless sensor networks such as media access control and routing should be evaluated in terms of life time in a whole system. In fact, there exists power variation node by node due to the manufacturing variation. In the previous(More)
We examined the anti-stress action of the essential oils of lavender, rose, and lemon using an elevated plus-maze task (EPM), a forced swimming task (FST), and an open field task (OFT) in mice. Lemon oil had the strongest anti-stress effect in all three behavioral tasks. We further investigated a regulatory mechanism of the lemon oil by pre-treatments with(More)
SUMMARY We propose Isochronous-MAC (I-MAC) using the Long-Wave Standard Time Code (so called " wave clock "), and introduce cross-layer design for a low-power wireless sensor node with I-MAC. I-MAC has a periodic wakeup time synchronized with the actual time, and thus we take the wave clock. However, a frequency of a crystal oscillator varies along with(More)
This paper presents a new common-bus architecture for high-speed data transfer with transferring vast quantities of data between modules inside a VLSI chip. In the intra-chip data transfer, start addresses of the source and destination modules and the number of data are sent to the target modules at the first step, which is called " address presetting ".(More)
OBJECTIVE Attention to risk of antipsychotics for older patients with delirium has been paid. A clinical question was whether risk of antipsychotics for older patients with delirium would exceed efficacy of those even in the general hospital setting. METHODS A prospective observational study proceeded over a 1-year period at 33 general hospitals, where at(More)
SUMMARY Concomitantly with the progress of wireless communications , cognitive radio has attracted attention as a solution for depleted frequency bands. Cognitive radio is suitable for wireless sensor networks because it reduces collisions and thereby achieves energy-efficient communication. To make cognitive radio practical, we propose a low-power(More)
Female rats were fed on a diet deficient in (n-3) fatty acid or enriched in docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) diet from mating and throughout pregnancy and lactation. Pups fed on the same diet as their dams were used for experiments. The effects of dietary (n-3) fatty acid deficiency on cerebral catecholamine contents and electroencephalogram (EEG) in rat pups(More)
Prosaposin (PSAP) is as a trophic factor and an activator protein for sphingolipid hydrolase in lysosomes. We generated a specific antibody to PSAP and examined the spatiotemporal distribution of PSAP-immunoreactive (PSAP-IR) cells in the lymphatic tissues of Wistar rats. Immunoblots of tissue homogenates separated electrophoretically showed a single band(More)
Lactoferrin (LF) is a multifunctional protein that is found in milk, neutrophils, and other biological fluids, and its receptors have also been identified in the central nervous system. Recently, we found that bovine milk-derived LF (BLF) produced analgesia via a mu-opioid receptor-mediated response in the spinal cord. However, the precise mechanism of this(More)