Takashi Shiromizu

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Regulated increase in the formation of microtubule arrays is thought to be important for axonal growth. Collapsin response mediator protein-2 (CRMP-2) is a mammalian homologue of UNC-33, mutations in which result in abnormal axon termination. We recently demonstrated that CRMP-2 is critical for axonal differentiation. Here, we identify two activities of(More)
Septins are a family of conserved proteins implicated in a variety of cellular functions such as cytokinesis and vesicle trafficking, but their properties and modes of action are largely unknown. Here we now report findings of immunocytochemical and biochemical characterization of a mammalian septin, MSF-A. Using an antibody specific for MSF subfamily(More)
Septins are a family of conserved cytoskeletal GTPases implicated in a variety of cellular functions such as cytokinesis and vesicle trafficking. Here, we report identification of an yet uncharacterized septin, Sept11, in septin complexes purified from porcine brain. The transcripts were detected in all tested tissues except leukocytes. A Sept11 mutant with(More)
The keratin cytoskeleton performs several functions in epithelial cells and provides regulated interaction sites for scaffold proteins, including trichoplein. Previously, we found that trichoplein was localized on keratin intermediate filaments and desmosomes in well-differentiated, non-dividing epithelia. Here, we report that trichoplein is widely(More)
Chk1 is phosphorylated at Ser317 and Ser345 by ATR in response to stalled replication and genotoxic stresses. This Chk1 activation is thought to play critical roles in the prevention of premature mitosis. However, the behavior of Chk1 in mitosis remains largely unknown. Here we reported that Chk1 was phosphorylated in mitosis. The reduction of this(More)
The keratin intermediate filament network is abundant in epithelial cells, but its function in the establishment and maintenance of cell polarity is unclear. Here, we show that Albatross complexes with Par3 to regulate formation of the apical junctional complex (AJC) and maintain lateral membrane identity. In nonpolarized epithelial cells, Albatross(More)
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