Takashi Shinzato

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OBJECTIVES The activities of pazufloxacin and tosufloxacin against Legionella spp. were evaluated in vitro and compared with those of other quinolones, macrolides and azithromycin. METHODS The conventional MICs were determined by the microbroth dilution method. Intracellular activities of drugs were evaluated by a cfu count. The minimal extracellular(More)
We studied the identity and function of the 528-bp gene immediately upstream of Legionella pneumophila F2310 ptsP (enzyme I(Ntr)). This gene, nudA, encoded for a Nudix hydrolase based on the inferred protein sequence. NudA had hydrolytic activity typical of other Nudix hydrolases, such as Escherichia coli YgdP, in that Ap(n)A's, in particular diadenosine(More)
In portfolio optimization problems, the minimum expected investment risk is not always smaller than the expected minimal investment risk. That is, using a well-known approach from operations research, it is possible to derive a strategy that minimizes the expected investment risk, but this strategy does not always result in the best rate of return on(More)
The typical behavior of optimal solutions to portfolio optimization problems with absolute deviation and expected shortfall models using replica analysis was pioneeringly estimated by S. Ciliberti et al. [Eur. Phys. B. 57, 175 (2007)]; however, they have not yet developed an approximate derivation method for finding the optimal portfolio with respect to a(More)
Eight megastigmane glycosides were isolated from the leaves of Myrsine seguinii collected in Okinawa. Three of them were found to be known compounds, i.e., ampelopsisionoside, alangionoside J, and linarionoside A. The structures of the new megastigmane glycosides were elucidated from the spectroscopic data and their absolute stereochemistries were(More)
—Price of anarchy, the performance ratio, which could characterize the loss of efficiency of the distributed supply chain management compared with the integrated supply chain management is discussed by utilizing newsvendor problem in single period which is well-known. In particular, some of remarkable distributed policies are handled, the performance ratios(More)
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