Takashi Ohzone

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A supply voltage (V<inf>DD</inf>) independent temperature sensor circuit by a standard 90 nm CMOS process achieves the predicted errors about &#x2212;1.0 to +2.0 &#x00B0;C (&#x2212;0.6 to +0 &#x00B0;C) for the temperature range of &#x2212;20 to +100 &#x00B0;C (+20 to +80 &#x00B0;C) for two-point calibration lines. This temperature sensor has a good(More)
A pure CMOS threshold voltage reference (V<inf>TR</inf>) circuit achieves temperature(T) coefficient of 5 &mu;V/&#176;C (T=-60~+100&#176;C) and supply voltage (V<inf>DD</inf>) sensitivity of 0.1 mV/V (V<inf>DD</inf>=3~5 V). The combination of subthreshold current characteristics and different operating modes in n-MOSFETs provides a small voltage and(More)