Takashi Ohe

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SUMMARY A third order harmonic oscillator has been proposed based on the resonant tunneling diode pair oscillators. This oscillator has significant advantages, good stability of the oscillation frequency against the load impedance change together with capability to output higher frequencies. Proper circuit operation has been demonstrated using circuit(More)
BACKGROUND Motor dysfunction is a major reason why the elderly lose their independence in their daily lives. The concept of locomotive syndrome has been proposed to describe the risk of mobility dependence caused by various locomotive organ disorders. The preservation of locomotive organs is now socially important in the middle-aged and geriatric(More)
Mechanical stretch-induced tyrosine phosphorylation in the proline-rich 306-residue substrate domain (CasSD) of p130Cas (or BCAR1) has eluded an experimentally validated structural understanding. Cellular p130Cas tyrosine phosphorylation is shown to function in areas without internal actomyosin contractility, sensing force at the leading edge of cell(More)
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