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We report a method of femtosecond crystallography for solving radiation damage-free crystal structures of large proteins at sub-angstrom spatial resolution, using a large single crystal and the femtosecond pulses of an X-ray free-electron laser (XFEL). We demonstrated the performance of the method by determining a 1.9-Å radiation damage-free structure of(More)
A new Logic NVM " eCFlash (embedded CMOS Flash) " has been developed without any additional process steps in a 0.25um technology. In this architecture, a novel differential sense-latch cell with charge-trapping storage is adopted. This unique cell structure functions as a differential sense amplifier as well as a data latch, therefore mass data can be(More)
— This paper describes software system for a hu-manoid robot viewed from a motion generation aspect by taking kitchen helping behaviors as an example of a real world task. Our software consists of high level reasoning modules including 3D geometric model based action/motion planner and runtime modules contains 3D visual processor, force manipulation(More)
This paper describes the design and development of system software for humanoid robots such that researchers who specialize not only in biped walking but also in various fields are able to use humanoid robots as a research tool. For this purpose, the system for a humanoid must integrate and organize each subsystem such as control, recognition, dialogue,(More)
This paper describes vision-based 3D walking system of a humanoid robot by combining a precise 3D planar surface detection method and a practical 3D footstep planner method. The walking control system requires vision system with 10[mm] accuracy. Then we developed the precise 3D planar surface recognition system by combining the 3D Hough transformation(More)
This paper proposes the new robot programming environment in which robot motion programming environment and dynamics simulator are integrated. This allows robot motion programs to include simulation descriptions. Additionally, a new implementation of simulation that is composed by simulation modules is presented, on the other hand, conventional simulators(More)
We have previously shown that methionine–heme iron coordination is perturbed in domain-swapped dimeric horse cytochrome c. To gain insight into the effect of methionine dissociation in dimeric cytochrome c, we investigated its interaction with cyanide ion. We found that the Soret and Q bands of oxidized dimeric cytochrome c at 406.5 and 529 nm redshift to(More)
To understand the roles of mitochondrial respiratory chain supercomplexes, methods for consistently separating and preparing supercomplexes must be established. To this end, we solubilized supercomplexes from bovine heart mitochondria with digitonin and then replaced digitonin with amphipol (A8-35), an amphiphilic polymer. Afterward, supercomplexes were(More)
Redox-inactive metal ions that function as Lewis acids play pivotal roles in modulating reactivities of oxygen-containing metal complexes in a variety of biological and biomimetic reactions, including dioxygen activation/formation and functionalization of organic substrates. Mononuclear nonheme iron(III)-peroxo species are invoked as active oxygen(More)