Takashi Ogawara

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Although wilt diseases of various plants by Verticillium dahliae occur worldwide, Verticillium wilt of lettuce is relatively new and rare. In 2009, this disease appeared suddenly in commercial fields in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. To investigate the cause of the disease, we characterized each lettuce isolate for pathogenicity, mating types, and genetic(More)
Two soil-borne fungal endophytes almost completely suppressed the effects of a post-inoculated and virulent strain of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. melonis when inoculated to axenically reared melon seedlings in Petri dishes. They were identified as Cadophora sp. on the basis of ITS 1–5.8S rDNA–ITS 2 sequences and morphological characters and obtained from the(More)
This paper presents a method of constructing C programs from mainframe assembly programs. IBM mainframe assembly programs, which are called as subroutines from programs written in high-level language such as COBOL, are automatically translated into equivalent C programs. The assembly programs are converted into intermediate representation (IR) of the SSA(More)
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