Takashi Obi

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Nonlinear estimation method of spectral reflectance from camera responses is proposed. The proposed method minimizes the mean square error of spectral reflectance when the reflectance can be regarded as a random sequence of Gaussian mixture distribution. In computer simulations, 168 samples of spectral reflectance from a color chart are estimated from their(More)
In the conventional color reproduction based on the colo-rimetric match for a standard observer, color mismatch can be perceived if the color matching functions of the observer deviate from those of the standard observer; this phenomenon is known as observer metamerism. Recently, multi-primary display, using more than three-primary colors, has attracted(More)
The current positron emission tomography (PET) design is aimed toward establishing an entire-body PET scanner. An entire-body PET scanner is a scanner whose axial field of view (FOV) covers the whole body of a patient, whereas whole-body PET scanner can be of any axial FOV length, but was designed for a whole-body scan. Despite its high production cost, an(More)
SUMMARY Parametric images can help investigate disease mechanisms and vital functions. To estimate parametric images, it is necessary to obtain the tissue time activity curves (tTACs), which express temporal changes of tracer activity in human tissue. In general, the tTACs are calculated from each voxel's value of the time sequential PET images estimated(More)
SUMMARY For personalized search, a user must provide her personal information. However, this sometimes includes the user's sensitive information about individuals such as health condition and private lifestyle. It is not sufficient just to protect the communication channel between user and service provider. Unfortunately, the collected personal data can(More)