Takashi Nojima

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This paper aims at developing an automated device-level placement for analog circuit design which achieves comparable quality to manual designs by experts. It extracts a set of clusters from a circuit schema as experts do. We provide a multi-level placement based on the Sequence-Pair by relaxing the shape of clusters from rectangles and allowing boundaries(More)
A challenge to an automated layout of analog IC starts with the insight into a high quality placement crafted by experts. It has been observed that such a placement comprises clusters corresponding to groups of matched devices and devices are placed faithfully to the drawn schema while the placement is still compacted. This paper proposes a novel(More)
In module generation for analog cell layout, it is necessary to incorporate the designers' empirical techniques to achieve small area as well as high performance. This paper presents the formulation of two types of module generation problems, faithful to expert's empirical knowledge, to ease such incorporation. One is series module generation problem, where(More)
Analog layout automation is one of the most challenging subjects that has to cope with trade-offs among analog specific requirements such as noise, linearity, gain, supply-voltage, speed, power consumption, etc. This paper proposes a novel porting methodology that guides the reuse of analog IPs, followed by an automation system. The methodology introduces a(More)
A CDTI (Cockpit Display of Traffic Information) was developed for a trajectory-based operations concept for small aircraft. The CDTI presents not only the positions of other aircraft but also their trajectories, estimated CPA (Closest Point of Approach) in the case of a conflict, and other related information. Pilot acceptance of the CDTI was evaluated by(More)
Pilots flying with synthetic vision systems with integrated attitude indicators sometimes report degraded attitude awareness. It is suspected that the opposite motions of the projected flight path and bank pointer can reduce a pilot's attitude awareness, and even provide a false cue. A variety of bank angle indicators were compared by pilot-in-the-loop(More)
In primary culture of rat hepatocyte, the effect of additives such as some anti-oxidative agents was studied. Among amino acids, proline and histidine were found to be effective on the maintenance of albumin secretion rate. Proline addition resulted in 3 times higher secretion rate until 5th day. In the medium containing transferrin, Superoxide dismutase or(More)
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