Takashi Nishiyama

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The mobile Internet is built upon a number of different wireless access networks with widely varying features in terms of coverage area, bandwidth, packet loss, and delay. To move across these different networks smoothly, issues associated with the changing features need to be addressed. In this paper, a path selection method for the coverage overlap area(More)
There has been a great deal of work recently in the fields of teleoperation and telerobotics [5]. In these man-machine systems, a robot arm or a land vehicle are commanded to move in real-time by a human operator who is viewing the progress of the operation. The decisions on the task of moving the arm or vehicle to the desired position are made by the(More)
Graphene oxide (GO) is hydrophilic and swells significantly when in contact with water. Here, we investigate the change in thickness of multilayer graphene oxide membranes due to intercalation of water, via humidity-controlled observation in an environmental scanning electron microscope (ESEM). The thickness increases reproducibly with increasing relative(More)
Most conventional example-based texture transfer methods have taken a pixel- or patch-based approach to synthesizing the output results [Hertzmann et al. 2001; Lee et al. 2010; Wang et al. 2004]. A patch of the source example, which must be big enough to provide useful information, can express a localize "mixture of vision" by itself only. The patch-based(More)
Situation assessment (SA) is regarded as a problem solving process that involves the acquiring and integrating of partial information sensed from the world in order to produce a global interpretation. A new approach to SA called distributed sensor network (DSN) has recently been proposed. DSN consists of sensor nodes, each of which has its own knowledge or(More)
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