Takashi Namiki

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In the gut, transient receptor potential vanilloid (TRPV) 1 activation leads to release of neurotransmitters such as neuropeptides and nitric oxide. However, the distribution of TRPV1 nerve fibers and neurotransmitters released form sensory nerve endings in the enteric nervous system are currently not well understood. The present study investigated the(More)
Previous work with model systems for action potential conduction have been restricted to conduction between two real cells or conduction between a model cell and a real cell. The inclusion of additional elements to make a linear strand has allowed us to investigate the interactions between cells at a higher level of complexity. When, in the simplest case of(More)
It seems established that under pathological conditions, microglia and blood monocytes (invading the cerebral parenchyma) behave as histiocytic cells in the central nervous system. However, it has not been clear whether or not phagocytic cells are present in normal cerebral tissue. Recently, we found a new type of cell having an uptake capacity for(More)
OBJECTIVE Cyclic GMP has been shown to be in some respects an inhibitory modulator of heart function. Various studies on the modulation of cardiac L-type calcium current (ICa) by cGMP in different species show inconsistency and the role of cGMP remains unclear and controversial. The present study was focused on the differences in the modulation of basal ICa(More)
We propose a simple scheme of 3D turbo spin echo (TSE) with low-refocusing flip angles (RFAs) for obtaining sufficient T1-weighted contrast. The low RFA can easily lead spins into a pseudo-steady-state (PSS) condition, but a preparation scheme is required for smooth transition into static PSS. For obtaining T1 contrast, PSS preparation is the most important(More)
The effects of administration of an inhibitory GABAergic or excitatory glutaminergic neurotransmitter into the lateral hypothalamic area (LHA) on gastric acids, an aggressive mechanism, and transepithelial potential difference (PD) and mucosal blood flow (MBF), defensive mechanisms, were examined in anesthetized rats, since lesions of LHA in these animals(More)
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