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Real-coded Adaptive Range Genetic Algorithms (ARGAs) have been applied to a practical three-dimensional shape optimization for aerodynamic design of an aircraft wing. The real-coded ARGAs possess both advantages of the binary-coded ARGAs and the floating-point representation to overcome the problems of having a large search space that requires continuous(More)
In this paper, we apply a Genetic Network Programming (GNP) Architecture using Automatically Defined Groups (ADG) to a multi-agent problem where cooperation of agents are required. GNP is a kind of evolutionary methods inspired from Genetic Programming (GP). While GP has a tree architecture, GNP has a network architecture with which an agent works in the(More)
Face and dentition were measured using a high-resolution three-dimensional laser scanner to circumvent problems of radiation exposure and metal-streak artifacts associated with X-ray computed tomography. The resulting range data were integrated in order to visualize the dentition relative to the face. The acquisition interval for dentition by laser scanner(More)
L-2-haloacid dehalogenase (L-DEX) catalyzes the hydrolytic dehalogenation of L-2-haloalkanoic acids to produce the corresponding D-2-hydroxyalkanoic acids. This enzyme is expected to be applicable to the bioremediation of environments contaminated with halogenated organic compounds. We analyzed the reaction mechanism of L-DEX from Pseudomonas sp. YL (L-DEX(More)
– In this paper, we examine the performance of genetic network programming (GNP) for learning agents on perceptual aliasing problems. Perceptual aliasing problems (PAP) are known as the problem where a learning agent can not distinguish between differing states of the world due to the limitation of its sensors. In order to cope with this problem, a genetic(More)
NAL Numerical Wind Tunnel (NWT) is a distributed memory parallel computer developed through joint research and development of NAL and Fujitsu. It is based on the analysis of CFD codes developed in NAL. The target performance is more than 100 times faster than VP400.In this paper, the parallel computation model employed in the development of the NWT is(More)