Takashi Nakakuki

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We currently develop a waist power assist suit for a caregiver that physically supports his/her lifting and twist motions to prevent lower back pain. In our earlier studies, a DC motor-driven mechanism has been proposed where two motors that are attached at both sides of lower back generate the assistive torque for a lifting motion by driving them in the(More)
In this paper, stability of a biochemical reaction system with negative feedback regulation is considered. It is well known that such a system induces a Hopf bifurcation depending on an input level or kinetic parameters. Although the eigenvalue analysis is a powerful method for evaluating the bifurcation and the stability, applying the method to a(More)
Spinal cord injury causes a paralysis of any part of the body depending on which part of spinal cord is destroyed. It is well known that a severity of the paralysis is determined by both a location and a degree of injury in the vertebral bones. For example, in a case of injury at the C4 vertebral bone a patient is paralyzed from the neck down, and needs a(More)
We currently develop a motor-driven power assist suit for a caregiver that helps his/her waist strain in heaving a load Since the total weight is about 15 kg of which dominant elements are the actuators, any lightweight solution is required toward a practical use in a hospital or at home. Especially, a torque requirement to assist waist muscular power in(More)
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