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BACKGROUND Papaver rhoeas possesses a gametophytic self-incompatibility (SI) system not homologous to any other SI mechanism characterized at the molecular level. Four previously published full length stigmatic S-alleles from the genus Papaver exhibited remarkable sequence divergence, but these studies failed to amplify additional S-alleles despite crossing(More)
Coevolutionary conflict among imprinted genes that influence traits such as offspring growth may arise when maternal and paternal genomes have different evolutionary optima. This conflict is expected in outcrossing taxa with multiple paternity, but not self-fertilizing taxa. MEDEA (MEA) is an imprinted plant gene that influences seed growth. Disagreement(More)
When many factors must be considered for decision-making, people dynamically change their emphasizing points, along with their understanding of these factors and the relationships between them. In previous work, we proposed a method to dynamically estimate emphasizing points (DEEP) based on utterances , physiological indices, and proposal selections. To(More)
The differences in the concepts of values which are the basis of human actions are important when we analyze intercultural communication. The purpose of this study is to estimate emphasizing points for decision-making, which is one of the concepts of values. For this purpose, we experimentally investigate how we could estimate discoveries new factors and(More)
Body axes of fishes consist of two anatomically distinct types of vertebrae: abdominal and caudal. In the medaka Oryzias latipes, the number of abdominal vertebrae increases with increasing latitudes, whereas caudal vertebrae do not vary systematically across latitudes, suggesting local adaptation in abdominal vertebral numbers. However, because heritable(More)
Tropical animals are characterized by their showy ornaments and conspicuous colors, and numerous studies on sexual selection have been conducted using tropical species as a model system. In this study, hypothesizing that sexual selection pressures are stronger at lower latitudes, we examined the latitudinal variation in the degree of (1) male aggressiveness(More)
JGN2 Japan Gigabit Network 2, has been established at the end of March 2004. JGN2 is a successor of JGNI, which has been established by Telecommunication Advancement Organization (TAO) in 1999. JGNI was desgined for the nation-wide R&D network for high speed network infrastructure. JGN2 has the same objective as JGN, however uses different layer 2(More)
This paper describes an evaluation of IPv6 multicast routers. The JGN IPv6 project has performed various evaluations and verifications of IPv6 routers. Seven (7) types of routers from six vendors were tested, for which PIM-SM was employed as an IPv6 multicast protocol for the evaluation. The evaluated items include PIM-SM interoperability, as well as(More)
This paper presents a overview of JGN2, Japan Gigabit Network 2, which has been established on the end of March 2004. JGN2 was built as a successor of JGN1, which has been established by Telecommunication Advancement Organization (TAO) in 1999. First, JGN2 network structure is explained. JGN2 provides gigabit level layer one, two, three functionalities to(More)
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