Takashi Matsuno

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Lung injury, whether induced by infection or caustic chemicals, initiates a series of complex wound-healing responses. If uncontrolled, these responses may lead to fibrotic lung diseases and loss of function. Thus, resolution of lung injury must be tightly regulated. The key regulatory proteins required for tightly controlling the resolution of lung injury(More)
Plasma enhanced aerodynamics was used to provide roll control at high angles of attack on a scaled 1303 UAV configuration. The 1303 planform has a 47 degree leading-edge sweep angle. The flow over the a half-span model was documented with dye flow visualization in a water tunnel for a range of angles of attack. This revealed a complex flow structure that(More)
Primary effusion lymphoma (PEL) is a subtype of B-cell lymphoma caused by human herpes virus 8/Kaposi sarcoma-associated herpes virus (HHV-8/KSHV), which is mostly found in patients with AIDS and has poor prognosis. Nuclear factor (NF)-κB pathway is constitutively activated in HHV-8-infected PEL cells and plays a crucial(More)
Oxidation of 2-hydroxy-9,10-dialkynylanthracenes resulted in highly regioselective dimerization to furnish metastable dearomatized 1,4-diketones rather than stable aromatic diols. The 1,4-diketones were converted to oxahelicenes, which exhibited strong fluorescence both in solution and solid state as well as chiroptical properties.
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