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1 Introduction Various methods have been proposed to solve magnetoencephalographic inverse problems although the problem itself is ill-posed and in principle infinite number of solutions are possible. Among them, the simplest method is the single dipole in a spherical head model, which has been practically used in a lot of papers to get the dipoles(More)
The large-scale circulation, often called "wind," in the confined thermal turbulence of mercury is studied experimentally. The instantaneous velocity profile at 128 points is directly measured using ultrasonic velocimetry. The periodic velocity oscillation is observed in the case of the aspect-ratio Gamma = 1,2 but not in Gamma = 0.5. Its peak frequency is(More)
Using ultrasonic velocimetry we measured the vertical profile of the velocity fluctuation in high-Rayleigh-number thermal convection in a cell with aspect ratio of 0.5, filled with a low-Prandtl-number fluid, mercury. The intriguing fluctuating dynamics of the mean flow and universal nature of the kinetic energy cascade are elucidated utilizing spectral(More)
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