Takashi Maki

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Information about regional carbon sources and sinks can be derived from variations in observed atmospheric CO2 concentrations via inverse modelling with atmospheric tracer transport models. A consensus has not yet been reached regarding the size and distribution of regional carbon fluxes obtained using this approach, partly owing to the use of several(More)
Spatial and temporal variations of atmospheric CO2 concentrations contain information about surface sources and sinks, which can be quantitatively interpreted through tracer transport inversion. Previous CO2 inversion calculations obtained differing results due to different data, methods and transport models used. To isolate the sources of uncertainty, we(More)
[1] The TransCom 3 experiment was begun to explore the estimation of carbon sources and sinks via the inversion of simulated tracer transport. We build upon previous TransCom work by presenting the seasonal inverse results which provide estimates of carbon flux for 11 land and 11 ocean regions using 12 atmospheric transport models. The monthly fluxes(More)
In a DBA/2 (H-2d) pancreatic islet-to-B6AF1 (H-2b/k.d) recipient combination, the graft survival of hand-picked islets was compared with that of "crude digested" islets that were prepared simply by collagenase digestion and Ficoll gradient separation and were contaminated with lymph nodes and vascular and ductal tissue. Islet allografts were transplanted(More)
We investigated the therapeutic effect of anti-lymphocyte serum (ALS) on clinically overt diabetes by using a nonobese diabetic (NOD) mouse model of type I diabetes mellitus. ALS given within 14 days of disease onset gradually reversed hyperglycemia with a 76% cumulative incidence of remission. Combined use of anti-CD4 and anti-CD8 monoclonal antibodies,(More)
BACKGROUND The objective of our study was to determine the effectiveness of CTLA4-Ig, a novel immunosuppressive agent, in augmenting allograft survival when combined with either cyclosporine, sirolimus, donor-specific bone marrow alone (BM), or bone marrow in conjunction with antilymphocyte serum (ALS). METHODS Full-thickness skin allografts were used in(More)