Takashi Kotsuka

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We succeeded in further improvement of the stability of 3-isopropylmalate dehydrogenase (IPMDH) from an extreme thermophile, Thermus thermophilus, by a suppressor mutation method. We previously constructed a chimeric IPMDH consisting of portions of thermophile and mesophile enzymes. The chimeric enzyme is less thermostable than the thermophile enzyme. The(More)
Recombination-deficient strains of the extreme thermophile Thermus thermophilus have been prepared from a leucine-isoleucine mutant strain (NM6). The availability of such recombination-deficient thermophilic bacterial strains may provide especially good hosts for work with plasmid vectors.
The performance of a polymeric stationary phase with reversed-phase properties (ET-RP1) was evaluated for LC separations at elevated temperature. The most significant observation was that the reduced plate height (h) decreased from 3.4 at 25 degrees C (optimal flow 0.5 mL/min) to 2.4 at 150 degrees C (optimal flow 2.5 mL/min) which is comparable to the(More)
概要 造 血臓器 の体外 組織培 養 を蛍光 色素acridine orangeで 染 色 し,蛍光顕微鏡 で観察 する方 法(蛍 光培養 法)を 案 出 し,広 く臨床 に応用 して,主 として白血病の 診断に役立 たせ ようと した.骨 髄,リ ンパ節,さ らに腹腔 鏡直視 下に生検 して得た脾組織 片 を平木式培 養盤 で培 養 し,acridine oramgeを 培 地濃 度1万倍 とな るよう加 えた.正 常人骨髄,脾 お よび リンパ節の培 養増生帯は 中心部 が密で,周 辺 に向っ て漸 次疎 とな り,骨 髄では顆 粒 球の蛍 光 に より赤 澄色を,脾,リ ンパ節 では リンパ球 に より黄 緑 色 を呈 した.白 血 病の各臓器 の増生帯 は非 常に稠密 で,辺 縁が鋭利 に区画(More)
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