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Recent evidence suggests that the machinery of protein synthesis may provide novel targets for anticancer drugs. For example, aberrations in protein synthesis are commonly encountered in established cancers, and disruption by mutation or overexpression of translation factors can cause cellular transformation. We previously demonstrated that the activity of(More)
Piper ribersoides Wall. (Piperaceae), which is called “Khua Sa khan” in the local language, is mainly grown in Laos. This plant is used as a food in Laos, but no report on its metabolites exists. Crushed stems were immersed in methanol. The ethyl acetate fraction showed potential insect antifeedant activity for Spodoptera litura (Fabricius) (Lepidoptera:(More)
Benzylacetone is released by heated agarwood, when inhaled it has a potent effect on reducing the locomotor activity of mice. This study investigated the relationships between the sedative activities of benzylacetone and its derivatives as well as the chemical structures of these compounds by comparing their activities in mice treated with a series of(More)
SUMMARY There is no clear criterion yet for evaluating wipers based on performances of wiping raindrops and visibility in forward view. In the visibility evaluation in rainy driving, it is important to examine spatial frequency and contrast of objects in forward view. Spatial frequency and contrast of image which were affected by raindrops are calculated(More)
An unusual case of panencephalitis in a 4-year-old Japanese boy, with onset at three months after measles infection and rapid progression to a comatose state in approximately one month, is described. A rapid rise in serum measles antibody titre after the onset of the symptoms, and the appearance of various abnormal antibodies in the serum, were noted.(More)
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