Takashi Kano

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We have used a rat glutathione S-transferase P (GST-P) complementary DNA as a probe to screen a human placenta complementary DNA library constructed in the lambda gt11 vector. One of the positive clones contained the complete coding region (630 base pair) and the entire 3'-noncoding region (78 base pair) of the putative human glutathione S-transferase pi(More)
Discussion Papers are a series of manuscripts in their draft form. They are not intended for circulation or distribution except as indicated by the author. For that reason Discussion Papers may not be reproduced or distributed without the written consent of the author. Abstract Past studies in the literature of the law of one price (LOP) show statistically(More)
The co-movement of output across the sector producing non-durables (that is, non-durable goods and services) and the sector producing durables is well-established in the monetary business-cycle literature. However, standard sticky-price models that incorporate sectoral heterogeneity in price stickiness (that is, sticky non-durables prices and flexible(More)
Learning and memory are essential processes of both vertebrate and invertebrate nervous systems that allow animals to survive and reproduce. The neurotransmitter glutamate signals via ionotropic glutamate receptors (iGluRs) that have been linked to learning and memory formation; however, the signaling pathways that contribute to these behaviors are still(More)
OBJECTIVE Intractable anemia, such as aplastic anemia or that presumably associated with chronic herpes virus infections, sometimes require bone marrow transplant. We investigated the use of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for the treatment of intractable anemia. METHOD Placenta Hominis (PH), steam boiled and roasted, and Cervi Cornus Colla (deer(More)
We study the implications of internal consumption habit for new Keynesian dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (NKDSGE) models. Bayesian Monte Carlo methods are employed to evaluate NKDSGE model fit. Simulation experiments show that internal consumption habit often improves the ability of NKDSGE models to match the spectra of output and consumption(More)
The lost decades following the bubble burst in 1991 has been accompanied by slowdown of total factor productivity (TFP) growth in Japan. What has driven the TFP down, however, remains a puzzle. To address this question, we develop a New Keynesian sticky price model that is designed to investigate two suspects behind the TFP slowdown other than regression of(More)
Currently, a new type of calcium channel blockers, which can inhibit not only L-type calcium channels abundantly expressed in vascular smooth muscles, but also N-type calcium channels that abound in the sympathetic nerve endings, have been developed. In this study, analysis on a like-for-like basis of the L- and N-type calcium channel-inhibitory activity of(More)
Rapid and significant appreciations of floating exchange rates, such as those experienced by the Australian, Canadian and New Zealand dollars in recent years, pose a number of challenges for central banks in formulating the optimal monetary policy response, if any. In particular, how the central bank should react critically depends on the underlying forces(More)